Reverse Chronology in Cinema – Part III


I conclude by summarizing the reasons to why reverse narrative techniques have a grasping effect on the viewers.

The desire to find and relate to “origin” because of its qualities of timelessness and having no reference and significance promotes a sense of objectivity. The intriguing nature of a reversed story is set in the desire of a human’s need to stabilize against increasing entropy. And finally, defamiliarization of a common or reiterated concept can let us view things with respect to the guiding curves of the film, instead of us assuming the results and implications of a clichéd concept.

We are a by-product of the things that have happened to us. So may be reverse chronology gives perspective on how we’re all a product of what happened to us and the choices that we make.  However, Dumbledore said that “We’re not defined by our past; we’re defined by what choices we make with our present.”

“The kind of desire that does not seek an end to events in time relinquishes a claim to the kind of signification that endings bring”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Alice Rayner


Ostranenie Color

This poster I’ve made consists of two distinct segments. The bottom one, as most of you have recognized is The Persistence of Memory (1931) by Salvador Dali. I’ve used this to show how insignificant time is in the process of thinking and dreaming. How time bends in reverse chronology, taking us to a plane of thought which becomes independent of time. The ladder which I’ve put in myself is to show the transformation of the mind into a more surrendered and evolved form to the top segment of the poster – represented by the painting “The Cerebral Tree” by Heather Haymart. As he rightly says, Cerebral Tree is about how the intricacies of our brains which make us who we are and give us the personalities we have.

Combined together gives Ostranenie, a poster made on Photoshop.


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