FreshPaint11-10-2013 19_21_38_jpg

Sharp intake of breath,

Pain dissolving into a smile,

Momentary, yet so fulfilling,

Momentary, yet,

I surrender,

To the calls of Him,

To the calls of You.

The sun sinks,

leaving shades of a beautiful twilight,

The birds fly home

I surrender,

To a twilight rendered by

Colors of faith,

Colors of You.

The air is dispersed,

With the vivid fragrance of plenary,

There is silence in me, there is acceptance,

I surrender,

To the smell of the setting sun,

To the smell of You.

Wading through the beautiful mess,

I reach Home and ask,

Unable to question,

Unable to want,

Unable to forfeit,

But able to surrender,

I ask, for the truth.

When He chose to speak to me,

That once, that once,

He spoke of love,

He spoke of You.


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