The Dark Side of the Moon


About God, some say its base ‘intramural’ and some flock the memories of the ‘happened’ to convince. Some cross to the ‘other side’ to enjoy the enigma and some lie to seek attention (who might secretly admire the beauty of the ‘possible’…).

 I tend to wake when the topic is flirted with

I try to contort my master’s face with piousness

I feel trapped due to my forgetfulness

Did anyone say I am guilty consciousness?

There was a time in everyone’s life when a forethought destiny that was unconditional, turned bad for the stagnancy it achieved. Many problems went untold and many accepted without a question, hoped for the greater good. Many small issues were stretched while many others were criticized for the best. Many emotions were hid and many were overplayed.

It’s like a veil disguised

To cover what is most prized

If you want to save your ego from self oppression

You should go through a session of self-confession

Only then your mind and soul will clear

From the hypotheses they fear.

“All I see is darkness.” “All I see is strength.” “All I feel is enclosure.” “All I know is this pleasure.”

It could be two minds or two parts of the same mind but in the same single billet.

When a piece of puzzle does not fit

Or rather it’s difficult to find it

You just forsake the puzzle away

And watch the idiot box you may

But in your mind there’ll be a voice

Which will give you a splendid choice

“Try hard to finish it and move ahead

Or accept you’ve hit an end which is dead”

But another way added by the determined heart

“Why don’t you draw yourself the missing part?”

The intention for His experiment was the path of choice (not the choice of path); to see what we choose, of how we choose and how we attain understanding in the process; understanding of His experiment. There were fragments of experiences and intuition He intended to balance. Two simple fragments.


The more I try to be strong

It just tends to go all wrong

More than denial, emotional strength-

is of acceptance of a greater length

Of the truth, whether sweet or bitter

But nothing as straight or as thicker.

In term of another is reference,

Concluding in its terms- Inference,

To move towards origin is our intension*,

But origin could be in reference to another dimension,

Who knows what is actual

Can’t say you or any other ritual.

He made morals so that we could make an institution of it. He set commandments so that we could challenge them every single day. He wanted us to shine with His ethics defined. But, He also wanted us to break boundaries. He wanted us to go that extra bit, beyond the shine. Beyond the glory. Beyond the insignificance we actually are. Beyond His creative intent. Being Him.

Being immortal.

Beyond the shine. To the Dark Side of the Moon.





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