On a Distant Ship of Time


Liberation – Artwork by Sunethra Suresh


If there was a way for prayers to hold time

I’d clutch firm and not let go

I’d pour my faith into this moment

This moment that is so full of you

I’d speak my heart

Render my soul

I’d surrender to the One

The One who thought of you.

Brace. Stay. March. Believe.

Prayers can hold time

Be with me.

I’ve always believed that a great amalgamation of forms of art; like poetry and dance, a book and its not-to-be-judged cover, a painting on the wall of a well-designed living room, a narration and an OST; has great strength. I’ve however, always maintained that these two (or more) elements don’t need to compliment each other’s existence. At all. They just need to ignite breathtaking imagination, move the cogs of your mind, strike humility and give you strength. I don’t have any intention to create a co-relation between the piece of art on top and the prose that follows. All the intent is in your mind. In your will. To imagine, to move and to be strong. In humility of your own self. In humility of your ever-expanding nature of thought and being.

True love, however, is liberating.

The posted artwork is by my best friend of several consistent years and she gladly agreed to create an artwork for this prose. You can find her work on her blog – capriciousliving.wordpress.com


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